Being Happily Married in 2010

by Barry

Nuturing the future

Nuturing the future

I'm Barry, I live in the UK and like a goodly number of my contemporaries am very happily married.

My partner in this joint venture, which has lasted for more than forty-three years, is still the wonderful girl I fell in lust with more than fifty years ago and we grow disgracefully older together. PC - I don't think so but we manage to get by without offending too many folks.

Starting out as solo children in the forties we have now got a small dynasty of 11 with another grandchild due later in the year.

Sure- we still bicker and have differences of view and opinion - but we have been able to share our lives completely, the good and the not so wonderful, the happy and the sad, the ups and the "whoops! that was a bit close" and have also got the happiness of experiences either shared together or with each other afterwards.

We swore our vows forever and although neither of us achieved perfection we have always both tried and have learned that looking forward is always a pleasure and looking back always provides lessons. Marriage is something that has to be worked at, not just at the start but always. Telling somebody how you feel about them is important, just as being told by somebody else how they feel about you is important. Small gestures mean much.

When was the last time you gave somebody you really care for a simple hug and told them how you feel? Did you hug your grandchild yesterday? Did you hug your life partner today?

Life is for living, no trial offers with a moneyback guarantee here, get on with it, enjoy the experience and let that experience become part of the wisdom that is supposed to accumulate with the passing years.

Armchair planning is an important part of life but don't forget to put plans into actions. If the results are not that good you can always go back to the planning stage again but with new knowledge gained.

Do not inflict your own views and opinions on others, exchange them and listen to their side of the story. Accept that life isn't perfect and neither are we. Individuals all have imperfections, some small and others not so, it is this mix that makes the world go round.

Find time to reflect, to just stand, to think, to listen, to show you care about your fellow man, to help somebody with a small act of consideration every day. Small objectives but if you are able to achieve one per day you will feel better about yourself. If you feel better about yourself it will show for others to see and they too will start to feel more positive about life.

Having now reached the stage where neither of us is engaged in full time work we have begun to explore new interests both together and as individuals, thus we learn together and can share our individual progress with each other. New adventures bring new friendships and extended social circles. Chances to discuss ideas with others of like mind or to explore new territory. To spend more time with our grandchildren, to let them teach us some of the "new" world ideas, to share their events and interests.

We can now truly stand, stare and reflect on the bounty that has been and still is our life. Bloody marvelous.

Deep joy to all fellow travellers on this wonderful mission!!

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Jan 06, 2010
Great Way To Start the New Year
by: Reg Hardy

It is a sincere pleasure to be able to edit a website which draws happy people like this. I get so sick if the negativity out there in the "real" world and even many Internet sites that I almost (I said almost) want to curl up and die.

Thankfully I am under God's oversight and nothing like that is likely, but I know He is happy to see articles like this added to my website.

Thank you Barry, you made my day.

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