Brush Cleaner Mix

by Bud

Great idea using the ACT Mouthwash bottle for cleaning brushes - Thanks.

What mixture of water and Windex do you use for this?
Thanks for the question referring to the
Brush Cleaner article.

I have been using this cleaning solution for a couple of years now, primarily for brushes. Since I work strictly with acrylics, and as long as I am prompt, probably plain water would work just as well. But I have a habit of "moving on to something else" while the paint dries and I am liable to set it down to enable a final touch-up.

Sometimes I get distracted and move on to something else. When I get back to it, the paint has hardened in the brush.

I find a mixture of 1/4 Windex and 3/4 water works just fine, even for freeing dried on paint since I have very little on the brush to begin with and seldom do I use a brush that exceeds a quarter-inch in width.

bottle wash

This is so much better than running to the kitchen every time I want to clean a brush.
I tend to keep the reservoir full of murky, paint-laden solution so no one will confuse the bottle's contents for mouthwash (just in case I'm having a bad day).

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Mar 04, 2010
By the thirds
by: Reg Hardy

I mix the Windex-water concoction 1/3 water and 2/3 Windex.

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