Brush painting plastic kits

by Paul

Any tips from other brush painters who cannot afford to buy an air brush but would still like a good finish to their model ships and planes?

SMH Replies--Painting has been one of my favorite modeling activities and since I currently do my modeling in the apartment home I share with my wife, I have relied on brushes to do most of it.

This has resulted in an abundance of articles on painting you will find on this website. A good place to start is in this painting

Over the years I have picked up a number of painting tips that I have shared in my monthly newsletter, here is a quintet of them:

Plan your colors. Decide on the colors you will use, the patterns you want to end up
with and the amount of weathering you will use. Try to settle on two or three bright colors and a
dark color to balance them.

Always take the time to clean your model or the pieces you are about to paint. Scrape off all mold edges, fingerprint smudges or glue miss-applications using a razor blade, a scalpel or a modeling knife. Finish with modeling files as they provide a finer finish.

As much as possible, eliminate the overlapping of paint strokes. Instead of going back and painting over an area you just painted, let the paint smooth itself out and seek its own level. Let the paint dry before you decide to apply a second coat.

To hold small parts still while you paint them, give then a handle. I use a candle to melt a piece of sprue and quickly stick it to the back of the object needing careful painting. I am steadier when I place the other end of the sprue in my vise for painting with a brush.

Don't let those old CD cases just slip away. Anytime you have one that has outlived its CD holding usefulness, convert it to a mixing palette for paints. Place a few drops of a darker color on the clear plastic. Add a drop or two of a lighter shade, if that doesn't get it, add a couple more, if you mess it up simply add another drop of the darker color until you get the exact shade you want.

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Nov 03, 2015
Brush painting plastic kits NEW
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Oct 22, 2015
Painting NEW

Thanks for the explanation, Paul! I like when I can see the video and read the way I should act. It helps to understand better what exactly to do. Hilda

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