Do not give up

by Henry

Hi everybody,
my name is Henry, 69 yo retired foreman tool & die maker, worked all my life in precisión's jobs.
At 62 I got retired just a bit ahead of this terrible economic chaos we are living all over the world.
I had been forced to move abroad, so my retirement earning will stretch and let me enjoy my life now.
I like ship-modeling since I was a young boy, even that my very busy scheduled life didn't permitted me to entertain myself with the things I liked,I kept the ships in my mind.
I'm living now in a country where people DO NOT comprehend what a HOBBY is nonetheless patience & precisión in your hands & spending timeless hrs. in a task.
I built myself (with the few hands tools I have & some help from a machine shop from the time that C. Columbus came here), no joke !!! a miniature milling machine to work in metal/Wood & a circular saw, all these machines made in metal.
I'll use them to starting to build my futures models.
I do speak fluently the language spoken here(Spanish)& I do understand this culture, but sadly I CAN NOT comprehend how people CAN live & behive the way they do here.
Gossip alcohol & women/men in that precise order they all live here.
I keep myself busy 80% of the day, away from all these illness surrounding me.
Thinking in my present/future projects is what is keeping me well organized & sane, yet.
I enjoyed hard to do projects I'm planning to build a few complex tall old ships right from the begining.
I do have a good companion too & some $$ that let me live my live a bit open, I missing the States terribly, I'll be back there, it's the best Country on earth,
Regards, Henry

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