Equipping the N Scale sawmill

by Trevor

Woodland Scenics Rural Sawmill

Woodland Scenics Rural Sawmill

I would like to know if there are any N Scale tools in existance not to use, but to place on an N Scale layout of Saw mill that I am scratch building I am 79 years old and have been modeling for about 15 of them

I have sold many many dioramas and buildings on E Bay and some privately to fit layouts. I do this because I do not have any room for a layout. My Wife just passed away so I now have a lot off time on my hands. Take my tip "Don't get old" LOL.

SMH Responds We share many things, aborting an N Scale layout, building dioramas and scratch building; though I'm only a youthful 72, I abandoned N Scale for the eye-relaxing HO and found searches for detail parts a lot more fruitful.

For instance, Woodland Scenics makes a beauty of a rural saw mill in HO, no N version. But, if you like that little sawmill,go for it. the carriage is about 2 and 7/8 in long. it would be a small sawmill in HO but in N scale that is about 38 feet. the saw blade is about 7 feet in diameter. The boiler measures an N Scale 25 feet to the top of the stack.

I have often used HO details in N scale builds like my current project, Noah's Ark. There aren't many N scale wild animals.

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