by Graham
(New Zealand)

Gutter sizes chart for K Style and half-round guttering.

Gutter sizes chart for K Style and half-round guttering.

i've been making some TT gauge buildings and require some form of guttering? i have no idea what to make these from.

SMH Responds TT Gauge is 1/120 or rough;y 20% bigger than N-Scale. Put it another way, 6" in TT would be about 1/8 inch. Six inches would be an average gutter width in the real world.

You did not say weather you were guttering a commercial building, or residential houses.

The dimensions in the chart covers both with K Style being your typical residential gutter today while half-round might be more appropriate for commercial applications today and residential 50 to 100 years ago.

Typically, gutters today are aluminum or copper to defeat rusting. In the past (actually, gutters can be traced back to AD 47 and Roman water management)100 or so years, you may have found wooden gutters in use in the United States by fastening two lengths of boards in a V-shape. By the 19th century, cast iron began to replace lead for rainwater control.

So era has a lot to do with the selection of your guttering material, even in TT. Unless these buildings get microscopic examination, I believe you could select a suitable-sized wire with a rubber or plastic insulating sleeve.

Slit the sleeve lengthwise the length of a wall section. Paint to match the building colors. Attach to roof facia where appropriate.

Don't forget downspouts which channel water away from building foundation.

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