Lusitania wreck colour

by Wolfgar Heidenreich
(Victoria, Australia)

Bollard beneath the sea

Bollard beneath the sea


I am making a sunken version of the Lusitania and want to know what its colour would be as she sits on the sea floor today. And would there be any of her original hull colour coming through?



SMH Responds:

It is questions like this that make my day. Initially I had no idea what the Lusitania might look like after 85 years 90 meters below the surface of the ocean 14 miles off the coast of southern Ireland. Things like this trigger my research genes and I end up learning more than I could ever imagine.
I had no idea what caused the sinking of the Lusitania, let alone what she looks like today.
My research resulted in a number of pictures of this ship in her final resting place. There isn’t enough room to get many of them here or much of the detail of this mysterious sinking.
The colors (American for colour) cover a wide range from reddish brown rust to light brown of dead plankton and silt along with sea growth.
If you are involved in modeling a diorama of the sunken vessel, you will find a multitude if images, both photos and films in valuable.

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