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by Don

I want to build a diarama involving an aircraft and a motor vehicle. If the aircraft is 1/48, what scale does the motor vehicle need to be to maintain scale continuity?

SMH Answers 1/48th is an excellent choice for a diorama as it allows ample room for detail.

To maintain scale accuracy you want to keep both the car and the motor vehicle the sale scale. Tamiya produces a fine selection of 1/48th scale motor vehicles:

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Aug 05, 2015
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Sep 06, 2010
1/48 1/35 both
by: Anonymous

you will find if you use 1/48 for a WW2 fighter plane you can find ground crew officers even colonels all the in same scale and vehicles
make for a great diorama. It will not be to big at 1/48th in my humble opinion. Tamaya ICM, if you subscribe to one of the many good model periodicals you will often have good ideas specially as we see the quality of 1/48 now in production.

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