Military dioramas catch father's interest

by Thomas Maxwell
(Ayr, United Kingdom)

Absolute Beginner needing help !!!

I'm a 31 year old aircraft design engineer and I have 2 young boys with growing interests in my own particular passion which is military history.

I wish to start building military scale dioramas, either 1/35 or 1/72 but I want some guidance/literature before I get started.

I've built airfix models since I was young (albeit not very professionally)so I have some base knowledge but all help will be appreciated.
Cheers !

SMH Responds Military history fascinates many of us, no matter what country we reside in or the era that most interests us.

I have dabbled in dioramas from time to time and will be taking a more serious interest now that my scale modeling is relegated to static models.

You can find some interesting diorama articles on my site. Here is a good starting point:

This page includes several links to more diorama information. You can also type diorama into the Google search block on the main page and that will bring up others I have forgotten.

For a real mother lode of military diorama information, try Armorama. It is a forum for diorama builders and has been active for over a decade:

Let me know how you make out.

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