Learn To Fly A Model Airplane Like a Pro!

When most people think of model airplanes, they immediately envision a nice little box with pieces that are put together, resulting in a plane that can be set on a shelf to be admired but not touched.

While this is one type of model airplane, it is definitely not the primary type that I want to talk about today!

The model airplanes that I want to talk to you about are much more than just a simple hobby - they are a PASSION.

Turning the results of his research for his own interest in model airplanes into a useful guide for others was the inspiration behind Bruce Bird’s new ebook on aero modeling and he has certainly covered the ground. The author delivers a clear framework for the new arrival into the world of aero modeling. Useful hints and tips abound whether you regard model airplanes as a hobby or a sport.

His ebook takes the beginner and the enthusiast through the whole process of understanding the different types of airplanes and engines from the vast range available before going on to provide helpful hints, tips and advice on flying.

There’s a brief history of the sport plus basic aerodynamics to explain how airplanes fly. Different engine types and sizes are covered and the pros and cons of each as well as the basics of radio control.

Having helped the reader through the selection process for their model he then provides a multitude of suggestions to use when preparing your airplane for flight as well as flying guidelines for the beginner. The information provided is always practical and relevant.

If you have even a hint of an interest in model airplanes then this is a must have ebook to help you understand the depth and breadth of this amazing hobby and sport which has something for everyone of all ages.

These model airplanes that Bird is talking about:

- Can have wingspans of 115 inches or more!
- Can reach speeds up to 200 miles per hour!
- Can travel as far as one-half mile away!
- Respond to your every command
- Provide years of challenging flying

Click on the book for more details==>>

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