Model Railroading scale measurements

by Mr. Roger

I would like to know if there is a website that indexes "Scale Measurements of Common Items". For example the dimensions of a chicken, duck, horse, cow, tree, car, window, door, etc. in 1/64 and 1/48 scale, etc.

SMH Replies--I have often wanted such a website myself, but have never found it.

To do conversions like you want, you will need to have an idea of the measurements for the item you have in mind. All conversion charts need a beginning (actual) measurement to convert.

For instance, if you are talking about a window, most measure 30 inches wide by 42 inches in height. But depending on the era, this can vary by as much as 2 feet.

How about a cow? You need to address the question of whether you are talking about beef cattle or milk cows. Then you need to factor in age and breed. If you use Google, you will need to separate the dimensions. If you Google cow length, you will find the average is about 13 feet. If you Google cow height, you will find they come in at about 52.89 inches.

Once you get the dimensions of your object, go to and you can convert them to the scale dimensions you require.

You can also download an Excel file which gives you scale increments from real world measurements.

You can download it in the scale you need at::

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