This Module Can Be Used
To Expand Building Length

Grow your buildings by adding extra window panels to increase the length of the wall(s). It makes your structure modeling economical as you buy-it-once-print-it-forever.

This feature of ClicKitMods not only increases the size of the building you are working on, but also provides panels for other structures.

With ClicKitMods you have the ability to create a building you can expand to any length or depth to suite your layout. All to often, adding a good looking structure means changing your layout to provide footprint space.

You also have the ability of modifying the individual panels to alter the appearance.

ClicKitMods are easy to age with chalk dust and other powders to achieve just the look you want.

You will find ClicKitMods an easy and economical way to grow your layout's structure population. This panel is just $3.98 and comes with unlimited printing.

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