Museum Research

by Chris Rasmussen
(Mare Island, Vallejo, CA, USA)

Mare Island Diorama in 1/700th scale

Mare Island Diorama in 1/700th scale

Mare Island Diorama in 1/700th scale A shipyard crane modeled in 1/700th Photo Etch Brass

I am trying to locate one or more of the French modelers who were featured in an article in here about 6 years ago.

It was about their work to build an elaborate set of models associated with Mare Island Naval Shipyard in northern California. I found it both remarkable and surprising that this would have been done.

I am hoping that you can establish a contact between us.

This is the title of the piece on the Website at the time:

French Precision
Mare Island Diorama at 1/700th!!

The URL:


Chris Rasmussen
Mare Island

P.S.--Yes, I now live on Mare Island

SMH Responds I believe the person you are trying to reach are Bruno Gire and, Jean Mahieux. I do not have contact information but they have also been featured on the website I think Jim Baumann, email is, can help you.

You will find many examples of his work at:

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