new to airbrushing

by david
(las vegas)

ive recently gotten into airbrushing, and im wanting to apply it to painting my palstic scale models, but im not sure on the ratio of paint to thinner. can i get some advice?

SMH Responds It is pretty difficult to give you a concrete ratio for paint thinning when you are talking about XYZ paint in a unnamed airbrush; the devil is in the details.

From the hip # 1--There is no such thing as an exact thinning ratio when it comes to paint. Some paints will vary from one manufacturer to another. It is also different from color to color and from month to month

From the hip#2 - It doesn't make any difference. Asking for an exact ratio for thinning is like asking how much cream to put in coffee. Use what you like

Keep these four things in mind:

1.  The construction and type of airbrush.   

2. The viscosity, or thickness, of the paint.
3. The volume and pressure of air through the airbrush.  

4. The distance between the airbrush tip and the surface of the model.

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