Paper Model Aircraft Carrier

by Reg Hardy
(New England)

Here is a finished paper model

Here is a finished paper model

Here is a finished paper model This is the result of assembling the .pdf plan mentioned in the text

Suggestions of how to make a paper center island for a WW2 U.S. aircraft carrier, scale 1/48.

SMH Responds This question came in with no contact information so I am not sure the response will get into the right hands. I really felt this was an impossible project.

It has been done before. What was missing was any kind of plan for building the island.

Searching the web deeper, I came up with a downloadable .pdf for a Russian Aircraft Carrier, the Novorossiysk.

The actual link is:
Fly Model 104 - Russian VTOL Cruiser Novorossiysk.pdf (30Mb)

It takes a little while as it is a 36-page plan, but I think a paper aircraft carrier can be built from it and the island surely can.

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Sep 19, 2015
Review NEW
by: Anonymous

You ought to utilize a veiling tape to conceal the hazy area over the water line BEFORE painting the red. Try not to utilize gas as it will truly harm the paintwork. Is the plastic in great condition? Assuming this is the case, utilize fine review sandpaper to sand off the paint LIGHTLY, utilizing veiling tape will give you a to a great degree straight line, than repaint the entire structure painstakingly.

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