Rust Bucket Puts Dents
in Pristine Scale Car Models

Scale modeling, as much as possible, should reflect reality and one place this misses the realistic mark is modeling scale vintage automobiles, for one thing most of them are just too nice.

It is nice to remember the classic cars we grew up with like they were showroom new, but in reality today most of them have been relegated to the scrap heap.

The newness has worn off and has most likely been replaced with rust, Seldom is this modeled accurately.

While doing some research on model painting, I was recently directed to an Etsy shop of John Findra for something a little bit different:

Scale Modeling reality

Vintage "SUVs" succumb to rust and neglect

That's right, "rust buckets". The name of this shop is Classic Wrecks and that says it all. Findra has come up with an interesting product niche with these rust and patina laden 1/24 scale models.

Findra maintains these wrecks, like their full-sized counterparts are far from perfect. Real cars rust, they get involved in car accidents and often have scavenged body parts. On his workbench, they becomethe beat up eventual lifecycle of all cars.

Muscle Cars also rusted

Muacle Car Models show life isn't always perfect

The thing about car modeling that goes against this eventuality is the fact most are finished to showroom condition and more than likely what Findra models is more realistic.

He has a gallary of his models at: Classic Car Wrecks Now if you want to pick up some pointers on how to rust and wreck your just mirror-finished model, check out this video: