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We would like to invite YOU and your associates at SCALE MODELERS HANDBOOK to participate in our Global Technology/Architecture and IP modeling contest which features a radical new innovation related to R. Buckminster Fuller's 'tensegrity' and 'omni' design principles: The INCAnaut Challenge
Our Challenge features a radical new technology, The Inter Nodal Connector Architecture (I.N.C.A.: REG.U.S.PAT.OFF. #6,869,246) that provides paths to solutions for many strategically critical issues in our ever changing world -- applications I am sure You will find intriguing and enjoy 'modeling'. Please review our website, thank you!~ There are a ton of fascinating images as well as background 'White Papers', 'Power Points' and lists of applications at the 'Downloads and Links' page we are pursuing via our contest: The INCAnaut Challenge.

We are hoping YOU or someone you know might sponsor our contest in any way you see fit; either by simply letting us use your logo at our Home Page, or perhaps sponsoring a local entry from your area high schools, colleges, universities, design schools or other youth groups whom you feel may benefit by this national-level design/engineering/ entrepreneurial Challenge involving a radically new and disruptive technology, the Inter Nodal Connector Architecture (I.N.C.A.: REG.U.S.PAT.OFF. #6,869,246).

We are

now also presently offering shared Intellectual Property IP development with those who win or place in our Challenge as a way to foster the acceptance of this radically disruptive new architecture. One of our sponsors, Edmund Scientific, is offering royalties for marketable educational products resulting from the contest, as well as substantial discounts on their catalog products to entrants and sponsors!

Please check out our global technology/entrepreneurial contest website , The INCAnaut Challenge, ; now being brought to you by Edmund Scientific, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Acerra Studios, RB Toy Design and the Association for Science and Technology Research in America ASTRA as well as our company, BLLC. All kinds of information, photos, videos, as well as 'White Paper' and other 'Power Point' materials are there for your perusal at the downloads and links page in addition to the photos and videos of our architects' MODELS in action!

We hope you enjoy what you find here! Please email your comments or call me at any time at the number below.

We look forward with anticipation to your comments and your future participation with our effort!

With warmest regards ,

Steve Bridgers (inventor).
Sr. Member/
540.972.1953 540.972.1953 540.972.1953 540.972.1953

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