Starting Over

I have a 1/350 scale model of the Enterprise from the Star Trek movies. I got it in about 91'. I started on it then, but never got around to finishing it. It is partially assembled, and painted. Now I would like to finish it, but would like to start over, and maybe even add lighting, as it it a larger model. My question is, How do I disassemble a model without damaging it?

SMH Responds I hate having to tell you this, but if it is a plalstic model, it is most likely styrene and if you used a liquisd adhehsive, the bond is tough to break.

Styrene glue actually melts the plastic through a chemical process. So it is literaly bonded into the plastic. You can scrape and carve it away, but there is nothing that will just let you peel it off, or disolve it.

If it was a tube glue, you may be able to loosen it with chlorine bleach emphasis on the word 'may'.

Good luck.

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