Were can i play with my boat ?

by Elliott Whatley
(Glendale AZ. 85302)

I live in Glendale Az. Were can i play with my Electric. boat?

SMH Response Living in Nashua, NH doesn't make me an expert on bodies of water in an area like Arizona. But, by researching the area via the Internet, I can give you several hints.

First, touch base with the nearest Model Boat Club, in your case it is the Tucson Model Boat Club. You can reach Karl Morse, the president at 520-571-9591. They have a regular schedule of races, the next one is Sept. 26.

They use either at Archer lake in Silverbell park on Silverbell rd. or in Scottsdale at McKellips lake.

Other than that, you are looking at a lot of swimming pools and lakes where you really need to get permission before dipping your rudder.

Before you do, make sure that the operation of rc boats is permitted on that piece of water you have in mind and that you won't be breaking any local ordinances operating your model. This can have serious consequences to your hobby budget. There are usually pretty hefty fines for unauthorized RC boating activity.

Please keep in mind that your favorite activity can well be someone else's nuisance. Before you take to the open water it is good to be aware of who is around you and whether or not you will be annoying them. Proper consideration goes a long way towards keeping RC boating permitted.

That helps us all, but in your area is critical as appropriate bodies of water are few and far between.

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