Windowless building

by Ronald
(Leesburg, Florida)

Adhesion test for PV plastic

Dear Reg,
Thank you for your web-site and the scale-modelers-handbook. I have read over many of the pages and have found a lot of "tips" that I can and have used.
I have made model ships and boats for years but for the past five years or so I have been making R/C boats. This past year I completed a 14 month project building a "Coastal Freighter". She is 1/32 scale and ended up about 55 inches long and I have enjoyed sailing her. That's good size for out on the lake and R/C sailing. Anyway, I got it in my head that I wanted to make a wharf for her. One thing has lead to another and I now have a wharf with a rail spur, a warehouse, an office, marine supply building and lots of other items. See photo. It seems to have a mind of its own :>) 1/32 scale is ok for a ship on the lake but, everything else is a bit big.

I have been using the Evan Designs software for model trains that I saw in one of your news letters and love it. I used the program to print out sheets of sideing, roofing and the like to build the buildings.

Now, I have cut out the windows and would like to glue some clear plastic behind to give some depth and add some scenes inside.

So My Question is: you know all that nice clear material that comes over most everything one buys at the store these days?? Well, it seems a shame to just throw it all away... So I thought why not make windows out of it?? I have tried everything in my shop and then some and I can not find any thing to hold a piece of wood to it or anything else for that matter. Have you tried working with this materal and found away to use it???? And a glue that will stick to it ???

SMH Responds I have always wanted to try these plastics

I always come back to the same thing, my normal adhesives will not stick to it. Tried it again (see second photo). Used Alene's Tacky and Testors Liquid for Plastics.. Both wood strips peeled off with minimal pressure.

Plastic material which comes with wooden window kits works well and so do certain opaque plastics.

If you have one you want to try, test it first with one of your regular glues.

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Oct 29, 2015
material NEW

Never-ever throw out your material that you will not need. You do not need them now, but later on..._))))who know. With me, it proves to be always useful!

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