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Scale Modeling Tips & Tools Monthly, Issue #001 -- teaser here
April 04, 2007
April 4, 2007

Welcome To The Intoductory Issue
of the Ultimate Newsletter
for Scale Modelers

Mark Your Calendar for April 15, 2007
for the First Regular Monthly Issue.

(More on this at the end of this Introductory Issue.)

Introduction Looking for quality modeling practicums, workshops, activities, tools and resources - and a whole lot more? That's where we're headed.

We won't get all of this jammed into the first issue but these were and still are the goals of We want to be your "go to" source for help with your modeling project. That is why you will find each issue of this newsletter filed in our archive.

The PURPOSE of this introductory edition is quite simply to ensure you understand what the Scale Modeling Tips & Tools Monthly is all about.

In this special issue we “introduce” you to the format of the Ultimate Newsletter/E-zine on scale modeling

Take a moment to review the various descriptions of each section where we will provide quality modeling tools and resources with lots of original content. Our content is the heart of the Scale-Modelers-Handbook website as well as our newsletter .

If you will take some time to become familiar with the purpose, as well as the format for each section, you will have the background information necessary to realize the full benefits of our newsletter.

You will quickly learn to look forward to our next edition, complete with our newest scale modeling tips, tools and resources - featured monthly in the Ultimate E-zine for and about model builders.

You will find the first section of the newsletter will be devoted to Introductory Comments and they will include a brief summary of the issue's content.

It is our intention to present content that explores developments and instruction in all scale modeling endeavors railroading, model ship building, RC planes, slot car racing, radio control cars, trucks and boats.

These will be split up under the headings,

Developments At Sea

Developments In the Air snd

Developments on land.

We provide this information to educate prospective subscribers about the quality of our newsletter. We want to ensure people always know what to expect from our free publication.

You can count on us to Deliver modeling instruction with fresh ideas, results-focused tools and resources – to assist hobbyists in achieving THE TRIPLE WIN.

The Triple Win consists of creating and supporting a leisure environment where:

Win #1Modelers are positively engaged and feel highly valued.
Win #2Hobby Goals are consistently satisfied and realized.
Win #3Modeling Organizations realize optimum returns on investment with continual improvement quarter-to-quarter and year-over-year.

We provide this next section, in the spirit of “best-practice sharing”. Here we ask our readers (that’s you) to share this newsletter with anyone (friends, family and co-workers) that will see value from our model building tools and the many other special features included.

Please ONLY introduce us to individuals whom you know to be interested in further developing their modeling skills by adopting new ideas, valuable tips - and are looking to expand their library of scale modeling techniques.

PLEASE DO NOT COPY YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS BOOK –This is called “spamming”. We do not encourage or support any from of spamming - spam helps no one.

As our base of loyal subscribers grows – so too will the level of reader participation, feedback, best-practice sharing, etc. In this scenario, everyone wins! The text reads like this:

As you have a chance to create your own “WINS” using our modeling tools and techniques, please take a moment to forward our e-zine [remember it is a FREE resource] to your friends and colleagues.

If a friend DID forward this modeling e-zine to you, and you like what you see - we would be honored to have you as one of our loyal subscribers. Take a look at our newest methodology!

Remember, Scale Modeling Tips & Tools Monthly is FREE, your information is always kept PRIVATE and we only publish the e-zine monthly. This ensures you get quality tools and content without being overwhelmed with emails.

Site News This section is where we provide updates to our readers on any changes or additions made to our web site.

For example, when we add a new link to an outstanding article that highlights original modeling techniques, we will mention the update here. Whenever we add a brand new page on a Ship modeling, railroad layouts, or RC flying or racing we will notify our readers here.

Bottom line, Site News is where we will provide any information related to updates to our web site.

Introductory Comments: This section provides key contact information and will remain consistent and straight-forward:

Contact Information For more information, free tools, quotes, articles, tips, books and other quality resources, check out our entire web site.

Visitors may easily ask questions or request reprint authority for one of our modeling reports or other information contained in the e-zine by using the following request form:


All reprints MUST place the following credit line:

“This article and all information contained herein is used by permission, and is the property of Receive their FREE monthly e-newsletter Scale Modeling Tips & Tools Monthly, by subscribing at Personal information is never shared or sold. All information remains private.”

In conclusion, remember to mark your calendar to check your INBOX for our very FIRST regular monthly issue.

We are all working very hard to ensure that we set a standard for our newsletter that EXCEEDS your high expectations. We are confident you will be very pleased with the results of our efforts.

We are actually very close to completing our first issue already. However, we took a vote - and we all agreed that April 15th seemed like the PERFECT time to formally deliver our first regular issue.

So stay tuned! Look forward to us offering outstanding scale modeling tools.

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