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Scale Modeling Tips & Tools Monthly, Issue #0067-- Consume Less...Live More
August 17, 2007
August 15, 2007

It is sort of funny. I don't believe I have been moved to make a major expression of my concerns for the environment and maybe, its just a matter of age.

There is more to this newsletter than Green concerns but...

Take a minute and check it out for yourself:

Consume Less...Live More

So if The Earth is all ready at 11:59:59 on the time scale the way Leonardo DiCaprio claims in his documentary "The 11th Hour" and All Gore states so emphatically in "An Inconvenient Truth" what's the use? I mean...

"Drought. Famine. Severe flooding. Record rainfall. Hurricanes. Acid rain. The highest average temperatures in recorded history. Catastrophe is reported on the nightly news as isolated incidents. But are these incidents isolated, or pieces of a larger global puzzle that could unlock humanity's future?"

What Can I Do?

11th Hour Website (Its worth a Bookmark)

What's New In the Handbook?

For both experienced modelers and new beginners, my single, most important piece of advice is to network.

Like any other experience in life, excellence is not something you are born with it is attained through understandingand interaction with other modelers.

I equate it to my early experiences in trying to learn how to build a successful website. I was self taught and actuallygot to the point I could put together a pretty good looking website. But it never made a nickel and had very little traffic.

Being self taught I had no mentor, no one I could question and no one to show me how. Contrast that to today. I now makea decent income from web sites and deal with a lot of purposely centered traffic.

The difference is that I have about 3,000 mentors only too eager to help through the interactive learning provided bya concentrated forum of website owners.

The Site Build It forums are some of the best in the world to help users build successful web sites.

Through I hope to one day have a similar series of forums devoted to modeling and have established the skeleton under the "Your Forums" button in the left Navigation bar. Yup, its at the bottom.

Final Thorughts

I don't want to overstay my welcome, nor do I want to offend anyone by harping too much about the environment, but it has become a concern of mine. I do find it a lot more beneficial than jumping on the which-starlet-got-the-drunkest-with-whom- and-got-out-of-jail-free-bandwagon.

I have a couple of neat modeling informationals that I'm going to hold until next month.

If the only action you take based on The 11th Hour is to log onto the new forums and tell me you don't care what hour it is, I will appreciate the feedback and act accordingly.

This is your Newsletter, Not Mine.

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