Better Than Winning Takes Dream To Market

Better than winning a million dollars? You bet.

Ricky DeRennaux scored a major win last night when his third placevote tally opened the door for a nationwide market for his HT Racers,an invention that took him to the final three on American Inventor.(NOTE: The quality of the pictures is reduced as they were taken from a TV monitor.) DeRennaux developed the HT Racer as a high school teacher from Oklahoma City. He visualized the new models as examples to help teach students design and engineering along with product development.

More importantly, he saw them and his American Inventor experience as a means to "inspire kids to learn and find out it is really fun."

DeRennaux took the news in stride when he was picked as the firstof the three to be sent packing.

The inventor was already familiar with packing as the program American Inventor had him on planes already. He just didn't know where he was packing to go this time.

Benjamin Dermer, Director of Inventor Relations from Spin Master, Ltd.,one of the largest manufacturers of toys and remote control vehicles cameon stage to tell DeRennaux his "HT Racers invention has the potential ofbeing this year's must have toy come Chistmastime."

He invited the RC inventor to fly to the Toronto headquarters of Spin Master to begin working with the firm's engineers on a new product line.

Spin Master got its start in 1994 when three university friends, armed with $10,000 set out to build a business. Ronnen Harary, Anton Rabie and Ben Varadi's first product was called The Earth Buddy, a small, pantyhose-covered head filled with grass seeds that sprouted hair when watered. The Earth Buddy was an unexpected hit, a Pet Rock-like phenomenon, providing the partners with a firm foundation to sprout their next idea.

The executive team at Spin Master is always looking for new,innovative product ideas like the HT Racers.

Over the past ten years, Spin Master has become an internationally recognized company, developing and distributing toys around the globe. The company's success has stemmed largely from its willingness to take risks and market innovative, original products that are "above all" fun.

Economical RC Flying With Spin Master

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