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"If You Can Assemble A Two Piece Cue
Then You Can Master Pool Shooting Basics,
Concentration, Billiards Stroke, Aiming Accuracy And Cue Ball Speed"

InJust 33 Minutes Discover Everything You Need To Know...

"Billiards Basics Blueprint is a Great Book"

Thanksfor the great book. I was enjoying very much but my puter went down andI lost it. Yes, we replaced it!
Leroy Cundiff

Date: June22, 2007
From: Reg Hardy, Editor
Billiards Crossing

Dear Friend,

Maybe it's too simple!

You see virtually anyonereally can turn in a winning game ofpocket billiards.

It's true!

Itall comes down to basics...the same route we're going to show you inthis no-nonsense. all meat-no-filler training that will completelyrevolutionize your game.

So if you'd like to learn to create your own unique game without havingto invent it yourself, compete at your top level and really enjoypocket billiards as a winner instead of slaving away hitting balls thenthis might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

By using Billiards Basics Blueprintin its e-Book format you can work on individual drills without havingto cart around 2-3 regular books. You save being hassled by fellowplayers at your poolroom who don't think drill practice will help youand you have instruction readily available as you practice.

  • Updated Last Month - Includes thelatest information to help your game.
  • NowWith 145 Pages - This e-Book doubled in size and the pricehasn't changed.
  • NewBilliards Content - Weadded a section on the Inner Game, another on cue care, practicedrills, a section on precision aiming and another on the break shot.
  • 15 pages on Aiming- Howto use a carpenter's laser to perfect your stance, alignment, strokeand aiming skills. It's Neat!
  • Full-SizedPages - Booklaid out on 8 X 10 pages with plenty of room for your own notes andillustrations.
  • EZ Read Fonts - Type size is14-point making reading an easy process for mature eyesight.
Byusing the e-Book format we have made the acquisition of this valuableinformation a top priority. You will find the material easilyunderstood and it is presented in a compatible manner.

""Enjoys Lessons from Billiards Crossing""

Iam enjoying the site and have renewed for another month. Lookingforward to reading Billiards Basics Blueprint.
Wi Bowo

"Thank you for writing Billiards Basics Blueprint.It has been a realhelp in getting my game off on the right foot."

Blueprintis a real help
Martin Rafferty
DesMoines, IA

Billiards Basics Blueprint

BilliardsBasics Blueprint helps your game in two ways. It helps youaddress your immediate problem areas by taking you through a must haveset of fundamental instructions to establish your own game'sfoundation.

Second, The Blueprint willserve you well for many years acting as an easily searchable referencewhen something goes wrong (and it will) with your game. You will findyou are on a never ending road to perfection, but most of yourtroublesome issues stem from the fundamentals of the game.

TheBlueprint handbook includes:
BilliardsBasics Blueprint. Your crucial manual of the Basicsof Pocket Billiards complete with practice drills.
KnowThe Rules of the GameThe first order of business when you start getting serious about anygame is to learn the rules--Value $5.00
17Deadly Mistakes That Keep You Losing Are therereally 17 of them, I only remember one or two. Value $10
What ALaser Can Tell You About Your Game I raided my toolbox. A laser can check your alignment, your eyedominance and see if you are on the level. Plus you can use it toimprove your cut shot aiming. Value $50.
The Four Strokes of Pool A Must read report by The Monk whichteaches you the Stop Shot, TheDraw Shot, The Follow Shot and The Spin Shot.-Value--Priceless

Right now,members of Billiards Crossing are paying $90 a year for this kind ofhelp.

I am earning$30 an hour for my expertise in one-on-one Billiards Instruction

The originalBilliards Basics Handbook
was priced at $14.95.

This versioncontains more than Three times the content.
Let's see, three times $14.95
justifies a price of $45

Now that's fairisn't it? Nope, if you respond right away,

Price $8.95

This 500-page ebook is offeredhere for a limited time and in no case will be available to more than100 buyers. 

Posted The Second Day of the Summer Solstice, 2007

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