Photos Sample Building Designs Built For Layouts

These building flats were designed picking from hundreds of building material combinations to produce custom building sections. The sections are glued to razor-cut foamcore sheets to produce sturdy, self-standing, building background structurespBR>

This picture shows a foreground N Scale industrial structure modeled after a New Hampshire industrial building. In the background is its HO cousin still under construction.

This photo shows the various window enhancements including a bricked up window, another covered with plywood and another with a fan installed.

There is another which has been plywood covered and a few of the lower windows have partially drawn shades.

Carter Textile Corporation is an N-Scale building flat that measures 90 feet in length and is four stories high. It has a sixtet of loading doors.

This is a sharp little freight building that is 45 feet in width with a wooden siding.

Tower Hose Dryers on the left takes advantage of the six-story height to hang fire hose for drying. It is right next to Hemlock Printing, a newspaper and book publisher.

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