This Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

I got into one of my web surfing frenzies tonight and stumbled across a website dedicated to the County Gate - Lynton & Barnstaple 009 Exhibition Railway in Britain. This site alone is worthy of a visit--it is a work of art.

Then I found it, I haven't laughed so hard in years and I knew I had to share this scenicing tutorial with you.

If you can get all the way to the end without tears, your a better man than I am.

organic grass - the cat owners revenge

The cost of producing realistic grass on model railways is quite high. Researchers at County Gate have developed a new methodology using renewable resources with a low carbon footprint.

first wash cat

Initially, cats will normally struggle

At first they may react poorly to bleaching

But be persistent, this is an important part of your modeling

Dye cat required color of grass. The cat above is meadow spring green. (best not to use a dye that requires boiling)

Cover area to be treated with PVA adhesive and apply cat.

For tufts, lightly dab on cat in required places. For larger areas, hold cat in place using gaffer tape (similar to duct tape) until PVA is nearly dry, then remove cat (try not to get your blood on the model). The grass can then be trimmed to length required. Allow cat to lick off excess PVA from its remaining fur.

Once used, put aside for recycling and catch your neighbor's cat.

Never let it be said that British railway modelers don't have a vivid sense of humor, but don't believe their website is a joke. You can learn a lot from a visit to County Gate

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