Coil Making Jig Eases Belaying

Candle power can be harnessed for scale modeling in a variety of ways. Here is one for ship modelers.

You can use candle wax where you don't want adhesives like PVA (wood glue) sticking where you don't want it.

For instance, if you are coiling lines for a ship model to hang around belaying pins, waxing the jig helps a lot.

You can make such a jig with a piece of one-by-two and three nails or pegs for each coil you want to build, one nail goes into the narrow edge (top) and the other into the face. The third is further down the face. (See illustration).

Wrap your line around the top peg and the middle peg with both ends draping down to be tied off on the bottom peg.

Once the coil is positioned the way you want and tied off drizzle watered down PVA adhesive over the coil.

The candle wax on the board and its pegs will fight the adhesive's attempt to stick to the wood making the coil easily removable.

A similar coating of wax on the workbench where you paint your master pieces will keep drippings from soaking into the wooden surface.

Of coarse that may make things just a little bit too neat.

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