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Both collecting experts and people who specialize in interior decorating find common ground in the fact the collector should first determine the relationship between the collection and the room where they intend to display it.

In other words be considerate of both the space and others who use it before turning it into your hallowed ground. All collections invoke an era and level of clutter that unless properly balanced and organized can have unintended consequences for both the viewer and the collector.

You may be lucky enough to have a room with architectural detail like mantles, ledges, lintels above doors and windows or utility encasement boxes that lend themselves well to collector advantages. Shadow box display for models On the other hand you may be dealing with a lack of architectural detail and rather stark, blank walls. Your collection can heighten the room's interest by being highly visible.

Remember, a collection adds interest and personality to what otherwise could be a bland office space or family room.

A grouping of collectibles can become the focal point. Allow only one collection or area of emphasis in each room. More than one grouping dilutes the impact and may make the room appear disjointed or cluttered.

Displays for model railroad engines and rolling stock as well as permanent parking for model cars and trucks can get expensive.

You can buy a mirror-backed shadow box with 5 glass shelves for $100, which will become home for 15 N Scale pieces, but hat of your collection is over 150 and counting?

Wall hung display case

Think outside the box, err…around the box. How about building a rotating, Plexiglas-sided display case? How about "scratch building" your own Plexiglas wall-hanging display case? You'd be surprised now many N Scale items you can store in a 24" by 36" frame with 11 shelves.

For the truly immaculate pieces, those with character and in the case of scale models, those with detailed painting and weathering, try something with more interest.

I had been looking for something dramatic like this and having done scenery for railroad layouts, something like this really applealed to me.

For instance, I came across a website called Cliffhangers an innovative method of displaying model railroad pieces. Essentially a wall-hung diorama, cliffhangers are actually detailed operational Bas-relief Sculptures.

These wall hangings are fully decorated - track, trees, rocks, line shack, ore shoots, hopper, stamp mill, stamp mill foreman, trestle, saloon, people on saloon porch, outhouse, car, man running for outhouse, man juggling spilled load from his truck, and a four tier waterfall (static).

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