10 Tips Make Detailing Dioramas Realistic

Good modeling is not about how much money you can spend, nor is the major concern how far you got in school, or who your parents were.

It is about imagination, hard work and attention to detail. Now where have I heard that before.

Modeling military scenes in diorama form isn't any different. Detail is King.

The majority of the military models I have seen are displayed in a diorama depicting an action scene. Here is how to bring yours to life:   

1.      Pick a model you would like to build based on detail and your modeling aspirations. 

2.      Research the subject itself through the Internet and libraries where you can find historical references with lots of pictures. 

3.      Develop a plan and sketch the scene. As you draw you will find ideas seem to flow onto the paper.

4.      Now that you have the kit and a rough idea of the scene you intend to depict select a base size and material.

5.      Rough in the terrain using plaster of paris or putty. Usually these scenes are small enough so a frame won't be necessary.

6.      To model trees for your scene, start by going for a walk and watch for weeds that have the shape of a miniature tree. and then coat their "limbs" and leave base with dried spices (parsley, Thyme, Oregano) from the kitchen cabinet or Dollar Store.

7.      Use modeling clay to carve scale stumps and fallen limbs for your scene.

8.      Add your own ground cover from dried and crumbled (a kitchen blender works fine) and then spread on your painted groundwork.

9.      Use digital cameras, your computer printer and cardstock to create man made structures and damaged building sections

10. Consider bringing your scene "to life" by adding a model railroading smoke generator for a still smoldering effect

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