DIY Tool Makes Glue Application Easier

As scale models get smaller and at the same time, more detailed, the neat application of the very glue that holds it together becomes more and more difficult for elderly fingers.

The Titanic Research and Modeling Association came up with a handy tool for this challenge.
This is a tool that cuts across all forms of model making from ships to trains, from planes to automobiles, all eventually will exhibit tight quarters when it comes to glue application.

How about you, have you ever found it difficult to glue small pieces together or small pieces in and around other objects? Has retrofitting become more of a chore because of the hard to reach angles? Well fear no more.

With the aid of the GluSquito all of these type of gluing projects need not be difficult any longer. What is a GluSquito and where can you buy one?

Well a GluSquito looks like its bug cousin and is an aid in gluing. Where to buy one? You can't. You MAKE one instead!
To make your GluSquito you need 4 things

1.  Plastic stock from the "parts" tree.

2...A heat source like a candle.

3.  A common pin.

4.  Pliers.
Take the pliers and cut a 5cm section off the sprue tree. Choose a 'T' piece with a short "arm" off to one side approx. 3cm long. This will be the handle to hold and control the GluSquito. Next grip the common pin with the pliers in one hand and the sprue stock in the other. Hold the end of the sprue tree over the candle until the end becomes soft (almost to a melt point). Push the pin into the soft plastic until it is buried.

Let cool. What you now have is a plastic stock with a pin sticking out of the end. Once cooled you should be able to bend the pin any way you need to be able to reach in and around objects to apply glue or whatever. Being metal the pin won't be bothered by the glue and you can also use the point of the pin to "spear" a small part for placing or dabbing glue or paint as needed.

We found 1001 uses for the GluSquito, cleaning out holes, adding glue to railing points, Kristal Klear to small windows, glitter dots to the Grand Staircase's railing panels, etc. Having had to retrofit parts on our models (as we were finding details AFTER certain parts had already been constructed) made the placing of mats, doors, and pipes in recessed areas all the easier. It only takes a few minutes to construct one but believe us when we say it is a worthwhile project to undertake.

A tool to help your marriage

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