Early Retirement Bypasses
10 Real Mistakes

Early retirement can be the trigger for starting a life you will find more pleasing as it is populated by your choices not those driven by circumstance.

When I was working, I never had time for career, family and my own enjoyment through hobbies and games. Life was too serious.

Now I can spend 30 hours a week working on a ship model, I can put two hours per day into painting practice, I can write what I want for business and pleasure. What a difference from my former life as a journalist, salesman, or life in a cubicle.

After 45 years of chasing the paycheck I made the jump to a freer lifestyle and I haven't looked back.

Now Is The Time

I have avoided these ten mistakes:

1. Retiring too late to enjoy it.
2. Getting locked into the "Got to work" mentality.
3. Waiting until I had enough money to retire.
4. Saving for the day I can retire.
5. Seeking retirement counseling.
6. Making retirement decisions based on money.
7. Letting financial counselors determine how you will retire.
8. Making your TV set your retirement companion.
9. Stopping your learning process.
10. Failing to jump off the corporate ladder.

I woke up a couple of months ago and realized mankind is incensed with the notion they can't retire until they have earned enough money to Pay all the bills they will create.


(I first wrote this four years ago and looking back, would change nothing. It has been an interesting and dramatic ride. More than ever, I recommend you look into this life-changing information.

Look what many of us have discovered:

Here Is Your Own Retirement How To

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Looking back over the past four years (Gosh it seems longer than that!), at the age of 73 I find I am enjoying life a lot more than many around me.

I credit that to an active relationship with my God and following His direction in my life. Of course, my wife has a lot to do with it. After 40+ years she remains my best friend on this earth.

But running an active website business has been real life changer. I have something to do every day and my effort is minimal. I am continually learning and making new friends.

Life is good!

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