Good Modeling Deals Everyday on eBay

You can get a good deal on your scale modeling supply needs on eBay, but remember it is always Let The Buyer Beware!"

First Glance Clues

1. Read a sellers feedback before bidding. This is the single most important piece of information you will find - if you see multiple neutrals or negatives for quality, delivery or communication issues - you can generally believe the information. Don't bid if a seller has poor feedback.

2. If Seller's feedback is below 97% make use of, a great tool to research sellers (and Buyers) history. Look not only at the feedback comments but the feedback sellers left for others. If you see that they flamed anyone, run like heck. Good sellers do get bad buyers and can professionally deal with them in their explanations without threats and name calling.

3. IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE - it usually IS! Do not support 50-cents-per-day wages! Don't support these scams. 4. Ask questions of a seller before bidding. Confirm this product is not a counterfeit or If there is something in the listing you don't understand, not mentioned or is not clear - e mail the seller using the "Ask the Seller A Question" link in the auction before you place a bid. Using this form protects your email address.

5. Always check the location of the seller. On the top right in the Sellers Information box, it tells you where the seller is registered, does this agree with what it says next to Item Location? Does it have any location stated at all? If it says ‘Fastest shipper on ebay’ or similar where it should say the location, avoid the seller, (not putting the location is actually against eBay rules). If the registered location is different to the location stated, then avoid the seller. Please be aware that there are now a growing number of scam artists who are in a different country from those they are selling into. The reason is simply because you as the buyer are much less likely to be able to do anything about it. There are also known forgers operating from some of the eastern countries too, Poland Romania, Russia etc. Unless you can be 1000% certain, stay away from sellers in far off lands, chances are you will also end up being stung for import duty on fake items from a seller you will never get a refund from.

6. Make sure your ISP does not block E Bay e-mails and your e mail address is up to date. Some ISP's have SPAM features that block E Bay messages. If yours does, you may not receive any end of auction notices from your seller. 7. Read the full auction before bidding. You cannot change the terms of an auction after you win. Make sure you fully agree with all of the terms (method of payment, time frame for payment to be received) in the listing before placing your bid.

8. Carefully read the payment options the seller accepts. Be very wary if a seller accepts payment via wire transfer only - many fraudulent sellers will not accept any other method of payment, as they cannot be rescinded or charged back later. Paying with a credit card is the safest way to pay, as you have some recourse if the item is not received.

9. Read the Terms of Sale section carefully. Long but clear explanations are normally ok. Long explanations of a controlling nature including seemingly re-listing every eBay rule is a sign that you may want to move on. PayPal Verified is a nice touch but not a deal breaker.

10. Shipping costs far exceeding weight or size constraints should send you running. Under 4 lbs in a normal 12x12x12" box shouldn't cost more then 8.90 Priority. Small items less then 1 lb are in the $6 or under range without Insurance. Pay attention to shipping comments by past buyers. Good sellers protect their shipping reputations like hawks and never try and save a buck by risking their reputation. Exceptions to this are size, breakability and temperature control. Protection from certain elements costs money so expect it to be more for shipping.

Always pay for items using PayPal, if you don’t have an account then open one, worst case pay using your credit card. That way if anything goes wrong you will get you money back, and in the case of PayPal it is a very easy thing to do. If the seller does not accept either, and you have any doubts about the seller, then don’t bid.

There are now an increasing number of fraudulent sellers who are no longer accepting PayPal, why? Because Paypal have barred their accounts because of the number of refunds they have had to give unfortunate customers. If the seller wants you to pay in cash and does not accept Paypal or a credit card then run away. I know PayPal can be a pain, and they are not perfect, but its still by far the best way to safely pay for anything on eBay.

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