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Happy New Year! As we approach the end of 2009’s first quarter, it is becoming increasingly clear it is not the same old after-Christmas shopping letdown that is nibbling away at hobby sales figures and without some changes the nibbling won’t stop.

It is likely going to get worst before it gets any better.

You need as many selling opportunities as you can fulfill and you need a marketing force which puts new modelers in front of your qualified sales force.

You need to be driving hobbyists to your shop and to your website. (Don’t have a web-based selling machine? (Ask me how easy it is).

Shopper Trak’s retail traffic index reported that total U.S. foot traffic for the 2008 holiday shopping season (November through December fell 15 percent from a year ago. This brought retail sales down 4.4 percent for the same period.

We at Scale Modelers Handbook recognize this and have worked up three packages offering up-to-the-minute advertising re-focus capability.

I don't think you'll find a better deal anywhere on the web than the Scale-Modelers-Handbook advertising program, and you certainly won't find anything as inexpensive in the quarterly printed shopper type ads or the annual Yellow Pages&trade advertising.

Getting your market share in 2009 is tough!

The three www,scale-modelers-handbook.com basic levels of advertising include The Featured Hobby Shop block (one of three) on the always top traffic SMH home page; The Top 25 Hobby Shop Storefront and the Riveting Rotating Banner.

Scale Modelings Featured Hobby Blocks

Thisis a 225px square ad that is placed on the home page atwww.scale-modelers-handbook.com in a prime location to enjoy thetraffic this page  receives. The "more..." link takes thevisitor to a full page devoted to the hobby shop featured in this block.

It allows room for graphics and sales copy along with coupons and other marketing inducements.
This page is dynamic and can be changed at the client's request to provide a boost for sales and special events.

This is one of two such blocks which command home page attention on a first-come-first served basis.

The cost of a Featured Shop Box is $83/month, $237 for 3 months, $450 for six months and $795 for 12 months.

The Download Center Block Ad

The Scale-Modelers-Handbook Download Center is one of the most visited feature pages by site regulars. These are the 894 subscribers to the monthly e-zine which will also include your Download Center Block ad.

This ad is designed to reach serious modelers who are looking for tools, ebooks tips and techniques. These are the major offerings of both the Download Center and the "Scale Modeling Tips & Tools Monthly" e-zine.

Bear in mind, this is a larger ad which commands attention both by its size and its location. It appears at the top of the download center listings and also is above the first article in the newsletter.

Several advertisers have found it helpful to utilize these for their own downloads. The ad itself is clickable making it possible for the viewer to download your price lists, catalogs, booklets. diagrams, plans and other helpful items.

The cost of a Download Center Block is $53/month, $145 for 3 months, $265 for six months, and $495 for 12 months. If you would like us to build your block ad for you, we'd be happy to do that for a nominal hourly fee (it usually works out at about $35).

The New Page Banner Ad

New pages are added to www.scale-modelers-handbook.com on average of three to five times a week. These are the pages that usually attract the most attention as they are new content.

At 497 by by 176 the banner is the most prominent and flexible ad we have. They are often run at the top of the page, but location varies depending on page content.

Our banners can also be clickable to provide a link to your website or to Goggle Maps to provide directions to your business.

The cost of a Banner Ad is $$40/month, $110 for 3 months, $200 for six months, and $450 for 12 months.

We will build your banner ad for $35 subject to your approval.

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