Hydrofoam Will Score Big
In Christmas Toy Race

Regardless of age, every single boy or adult male, at least once, wants to play with at least one R/C toy. It comes as no surprise R/C manufacturers are tooling up for the latest in flyers (mini helicopters and foam bodied planes) high speed ground racers (powered by gasoline, nitro or electric) and remote waterborne craft like speedboats, sailboats or warships.

All angling for a slice of a mega profit 2007Chirstmas marketOne of the hottest contenders in the HydroFoam market is a Chinese import from RC Toy Factory, combines all three -- water, ground and air as the Hydro-Foam 3-in-1

This Christmas market will be an interesting one for the toy industry as more and more manufacturers toss their toy into the "hottest-toy-of-the-year" ring. Up for grabs is a large chunk of the $25 billion retail sales market in toys.

The hydrofoams rage in price from $59.95 for a Miss Hanger One kit to a full blown $275 Ready-To-Fly Australian import, the Floatplane.

For more details, click on the individual pictures

The Hydro-Foam 3-in-1 Ready-to-Fly

Hydro Flyer Kit Rc 4 Channel W/Free Shipping *MUST SEE

Thanks to two inventors, Michael Connally and Ernest Butler anyone who is really mad about can now enjoy HydroFoam which has been available on the market as Storm Launcher for a couple of years now.

So what do they look like in action? Several have been featured on YouTube:

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