Micro Racers Make Kitchen Racing A Reality

Remember the fun you used to have mucking about with Matchbox cars - whizzing them around household objects, jumping them off makeshift ramps and piling them into stacks of matchboxes?

Well now, you can do it all again, but this time you won't need to compromise on the realism front. After all, it's not often you see a sports car with a giant hand attached to its roof, is it?

Micro Racers are the smallest radio controlled cars in the world. How small is it?

Well, if it wasn't for the antenna you could easily garage a couple of Micro Racers into your mouth - not a good idea.

These racers are so small there isn't room enough for an onboard battery (even a single Triple A) . To get around this, the micros are designed for recharging on the hand-held. Simply clip the vehicle onto its nifty RC handset (requires 2 AA batteries) to bring these cool little critters to life!

Many of these are Zip Zaps from Radio Shack and it is amazing what modelers can do with them, increasing the speed by increasing battery size (the tiny cars run on Lithium batteries good for about 3 minutes at racing speed.

Many modelers have taken the route of customizing the body to give them almost any look you can imagine. In 1:64th scale (about 2" in length) both steering and speed are not directly proportional to the prototype but they still seem to be quite a bit of fun. They can be set up for racing indoors in no bigger space required than the kitchen floor

Dust, dirt and grim seem to be big nuisances to racing these tiny radio control racers, but with removable wheels they can soon be put back in proper racing trim.

or their dinky size the cars are surprisingly responsive and you can imagine the fun there is to be had zooming around the office with them. Everyday objects become handy obstacles with a car this size so the possibilities are endless.

The Chasm of Doom is our current favorite - one ruler, two paper cups and a river of scrunched up paper. Best of all, Micro Racers are available in lots of different frequencies, so racing against your friends is easy.

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