Build Your Own Mini Miter
For Less Than $2

When you need N Scale 8”X8”s cut at a 45 degree angle a handy jig is a mitre (U.S. spelling miter). This one is a “mini-miter, you can make it for under $2 and it stores easily in a drawer or toolbox.

To make it, use a a piece of 1" X 1" X 8" scrap wood. On this mount two pieces of 3/16 by 3/16th inch hardwood separated by half the width of a razor blade.. Glue with Titebond adhesive.

Hobbiest's mini-miter for precise 45 degree angles

Use a razor saw and cut a couple of 90-degree kerfs (blade-width cuts) across both pieces of wood. Move down your jig 4-5 inches and mark off two precise 45-degree lines.

The key to the mini-miter is the Stanley razor blade holder which gives you a grip handle to cut through the stripwood without mashing the wood fibers.

The original purpose of this blade holder was paint scrapping and it makes use of the standard safety razor blades.


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