Model Railroad Layout Ideas From Many Sources

Check out these model railroad layout photos for ideas you can adapt to your plans. They fit regardless of the scale you are working with and they compress a lot of activity into a small space which saves you room.

A small space does not mean no
model railroad. This layout is 6 x 4 ½
 feet in size, and has numerous
places to shunt, plus a continuous
loop. Here the timber merchant and
a small food manufacturer facilities
can be seen in the foreground, as
well as a small chapel to the left. In
the distance can be seen a sawmill,
and a freight house
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C&NW 1519, a GP7, hauls a local
through the passing loop as #37
shunts the silos and team track

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Two Santa Fe SD's await clearance
to depart Carollton with a transcon
train. Mountain scenery can be
painted onto a backdrop to give
more depth, as shown in this photo

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NTRAK layout in progress  

NTRAK has a 35-year history and is now operating in most regions of the United States and now has a worldwide following. It is portable model railroading at its best in units of 2 by four feet..

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