Make Your Model Building
Rail and Truck Accessible

Now you get to place the freight doors where you want them so you don't need to tear up roadway to get trucks to the doors. Remember, if you want additional doors, just print this panel again.

This panel also is easy to split and provide two end walls for a three-dimensional flat that adds depth to your layout's background.

Print a copy of this file and carefully cut it into four pieces. Leave the white "Xed" borders on either side of the brick panels. These are needed for placement of the pilasters which will be assembled from the grey brick strips.

You will find complete instructions else where in this section.

Every three of these panels adds another 100 feet to the length of your structure. In N Scale that's over seven inches.

Get your building underway now with this duel-freight-door panel.You're just $3.98 away,

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