Module Two Expands Your
Front Wall Possibilities

This panel can work as either an additional front wall panel of as the end wall of your structure.

It provides entries for both freight from trucks and for employees. Hopefully it won't be populated by smokers on break.
Step 1--Print a copy of this file and carefully cut it into four pieces. Leave the white "Xed" borders on either side of the brick panels.
Step 2--Leave as much white on both sides of the grey strips to assist in wrapping around a half-inch strip of cardboard to give the pilasters a raised look.
Step 3. Using spray adhesive coat the back of the grey brick strips and fold around a half-inch strip of cardboard as long as the building is high. These will be used to disguise panel joints and give walls definition.

Glue the finished pilasters to the three white X-marked slots, weight and let the piece cure overnight.

To get your structure started, download this file today. It is only $3.98 and you get the right to print it as many times as you like.

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