NTRAK Dream In Planning Stages

Factory at the river

Building an NTRAK module limits the expense and effort required to participate in the model railroading hobby. You can start off with a simple 4-foot module, a locomotive and some rolling stock at a minimal cost. As your interest and skills grow, you can add a module (or modules) or perhaps custom-detail a locomotive or even a whole train! The best part is that you can start enjoying the hobby right away!

This is an area of modeling I plan to return to but right now, in an apartment, the room for even a 2X4 is difficult to come up with since I have a 2’X6’ desk where I work on my ship models and a 4’X8’ billiards table where I work on my game and develop material for my www.billiardscrossing.com website.

Once I get the HMS Beagle finished, I intend to replace its work table with a 2X4 surface where I can begin putting together an NTRAK module together in just about the same amount of area without sacrificing my pool table. I have drawn up a plan for a 2X4 that combines my interests between rail and sail with a siding from the mail line leading alongside a river dockside cannery with a sailing ship tied up on the opposite side of the dock.

I also plan on putting a mill in the other corner similar to the one in the picture. This will provide off the main line switching opportunities to build up a two or three car pickup that can be moved up to the siding alongside the mainline.

Maybe, someday…

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