Race Results:

First and Second
1 Point Apart

by Rick Toleos

Yet another exciting night of paint swapping action on the high speed tri-oval at the Dungeon Raceway.

Dickie has done a nice job with the design of this layout as any lane can win at any time. First to hit the track was the Carrerra Vintage NASCAR’s. Not that long ago, these were routinely described as lumpy, top heavy cars with poor brakes.

As I was watching the action, I noted how smooth and fast most of the guys have gotten these cars to go. In fact, they are only a couple tenth’s off from the Scaley Nextel cars. They will still roll over and crash hard into the walls if your not paying attention, but the racing has gotten much better with these cars over time plus they look great on the track and there are plenty of Fords available for those who bleed Ford blue.

Returning to action on the tour last night was one of our favorite “newbies”. Cliff. It was good to have Cliff racing with us again as his cars are gaining all the time as he gets more laps and becomes more familiar with the tracks. Just about everybody looked fast during practice as there was some good action before the racing even started.

The first round of heats went well for our “home track” racer as Dickie promptly started out winning all four of his heats. Rick and Steve both had fast cars but had nothing in this round to keep up with Dickie. Kevin and Cliff had some fast laps but both had handling problems effecting their finishes. Second round of heats had Dickie winning two heats as well as Rick who was struggling to run consistent fast laps even though it looked like his car had all the speed necessary. Kevin came alive in this round with a very impressive win and a couple of seconds. Marc who arrived late due to work related issues, promptly scored a quick win racing well in all his heats. At the end of racing with the vintage NASCAR’s, it was Dickie sitting at the top with a five point lead.

Dickie 35 (6 wins)

Rick 30 (3 wins)

Kevin 18 (1 win)

Steve 17

Marc 11 (1 win) (ran second round of heats only)

Cliff 10

With a five point lead going into the second half of the night’s event, Dickie was unusually confident telling Rick those five points were going to be hard to make up.

So out came the Nextel Cup cars to the delight of all the fans in attendance. This time it was Rick starting out with winning all four of his heats as his #97 Sharpie car was fast and handling very well. Dickie slipped back some racing his #99 SCX car that looked to be handling well but a tick off on the long back straightaway. Marc joined in winning a heat with his new tri-color paint job that really stood out.

Marc’s car was very fast but had problems on the front straight which was costing him in the points. Steve’s #48 was again fast coming very close to several heat wins. Kevin and Cliff both had some brilliant moments on the track but their handling seemed to be a little off from the rest of the field. Second round of heats was much anticipated as Dickie’s five point lead was slipping away with Steve still mathematically in the hunt.

Dickie came back strong as he went back to a Scaley car with a little more horsepower winning three of his four heats. Rick managed two wins but also had two seconds as he point raced all the way around the track.

Steve had another win as he has really got this track figured out. Neither Marc, Kevin, or Cliff, scored a heat win in this round but they were sure difficult to pass as they all were getting faster as the night went on. Lot’s of good hard clean racing went on with this class.

Rick 36 (6 wins)

Dickie 30 (4 wins)

Steve 25 (1 win)

Marc 18

Kevin 14

Cliff 9

After the adding of the points took place, it was Rick with a single point victory over Dickie. Congratulations to Rick who gets to feel good for a week. Racing ended on time with everyone having a lot of fun. Sure beats whatever is on TV Weds nights. Special thanks goes to Ethan who volunteered his valuable time to marshal the infield area. He’s seems to fit just right in that spot.

Next week the tour returns to the Lee America Race Park with the Scaley 911’s on the road course and the popular street stocks on the oval. Hope to see the pits overflowing with racers

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