RC Boat Fishing Hook, Line and Sinker

Fish Finder On Board RC Boat

RC boat fishing in its various forms is becoming a very popular summer activity while speed and Big Gun battles take up one end of the lake and are more popular… fishing from an RC boat is catching on.

At one time or another we’ve probably all dangled a line, hook and bait with the idea of pulling in the big one, but never gave thought to the big one pulling us in.

Not since the days of the movie Jaws when the Orca was pulled through the water by the Great White, has that image been given much thought.

But fishing from an RC boat model is certainly possible.

The basic, albeit crazy, idea is to connect the fishing line from a fishing rod to a vertical "mast" on the boat and from the "mast to a lure that would be "dragged" behind the boat. In this manner,, the “fisherman” could control the boat by radio so that it would weave in-and-out of structures (that's fishing talk for things in the water that "structure oriented" fish like bass like to be near; eg: logs and stuff).

There are waters where such a manner of fishing is illegal and you will find the Game Warden doesn’t think it is such a funny idea. You are liable to lose your boat, license and possibly your car.

The obvious question is how do you make sure the boat will be large and powerful enough to haul in a trophy fish, yet still be quiet and slow enough to catch them in the first place,

It is being done now, but not with boats less than 5 to 6 feet long and 18 to 22 inches wide. Shorter boats are too unstable, and you run the risk of meeting a fish that can overpower the model. Longer boats are too stable, and that detracts from the fun of RC fishing.

Then there is the high tech fisherman who has to take the idea a step further by attaching a fish finder to an RC boat to create a “electronic map” of the pond to locate frequent underwater pathways of the big ones.

So whether you go after the fingerlings along the shore or the ones that keep getting away this is a technique that combines a couple of hobbies that may be right up your stream.

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