RC Track Pictorial Clarifies Assembly Detail

Design your own RC or XMOD Race Track. Buy the foam pieces that come with borders, you can use them to make the borders around the track.
For extra holding power you can put the entire track together using cut to length twist ties.
The borders go on by lining the connectors up and putting a twist tie around 4 of them.
If you need to put a border where two mats come together, put a border on each mat and they can still lock together.
Anytime you have to put a border in the center of a foam piece, use a sharp tool and poke holes through the foam mat and the border, then push a twist tie through and twist together.  You'd be surprised how well it holds together.
Using holes and twist ties you can make rounded corner pieces as well.
After it's all put together use red duct tape to cover the borders,  this makes them more visible since they are the same color as the track.
Here's the shelf that will hold the track when it's not in use along with the tool box of mini-z's.

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