Retiring Modelers Find Time
To Pursue Exactness In Diversion

Scale modeling from the kit is beginning to make a comeback as more and more baby boomers and retirees with more leisure time on their hands remember the pleasures of model making.

Up until recently, the kit industry has been languishing. With so many youngsters into techno toys these days, and with plenty of activities after school and on weekends, few have picked up the model-making hobby.

As a result, there seem to be fewer and fewer new toolings of kits, as many companies have long since turned their attention to already assembled die cast models of various sizes to suit collectors who have neither the time nor desire to assemble a kit.But things are changing, and the kit industry may just be ready to stage a comeback and the large numbers of baby boomers expecting to retire in years to come is beginning to fuel a revival of modeling activity.

Add to that the disposable income of many retirees and you have the makings of a modeling market rebirth.

There is also a desire on the part of retirees who served in the military to recreate their favorites whether a ship, a tank or a plane. In a recent survey, 68% of respondents had no formal preparation for retirement. What type of planning is most important? Financial planning, answered 24.3%, but a surprising 23% indicated that developing interests to pursue in retirement was most important.

One big mistake that many people make is assuming that retirement is going to be a continuation of your old life. It’s not really a vacation from the work world, because you will not return to the work world. It will involve major changes in the routine that governed every aspect of your life.

Once you retire, you will have a full 45 to 50 hours a week of extra free time. Even the most absorbing of hobbies and interests may not fill that time entirely.

Match the hobby to your personality and availability:

* Is this hobby really fun * Is this hobby too expensive for me? * Am I physically able to become involved in this hobby? * Does the hobby require more room than I can provide? * Can I become involved in this hobby as an individual? * Does this hobby afford opportunities to work with others? * Do I really have time for this hobby? * Do I have the aptitude, skill, or talent required by this hobby?

Before you retired, you probably looked forward to long stretches of unplanned time. Now that you're retired, you may wonder how you're going to fill up all that time. Researchers find that retired people who get involved in hobbies are happier and tend to live longer. Here are some hobbies that may help you to stay healthier longer.

There's something inspiring about a "Tall Ship". Rising from the decks high into the sky are the masts and yards with what seem to be miles of rigging. If the real thing s awe inspiring, what about a model? A model of a tall ship is amazing to the viewer, it too, seems complicated.

Retirees today watch their grandsons play on a computer and shake their heads. Kids these days, want everything instantly-at the click of a mouse. It is tragedy, young people today never learn patience and persistence.

Model railroading is an open door that draws many retirees because it brings out so many talents we never knew existed. But where do you start? How can you keep something like a model railroad layout within a budget? Here's a resource you can use:

Must Know Secrets of a Veteran Model Railroader

Retirement brings us lots of options, but one habit we don't need to develop is expertise with the TV remote.

Take some time and learn a scale modeling hobby. Get in touch with your local modeling club(s)… make new friends and learn from their experiences!
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