Ropewalks Can Eliminate Fuzzy Rigging

This may look like a rinky dink ropewalk, but it will get the job done and is surprisingly easy to knock together. You will need a six-foot board, four eye hooks, a variable speed electric drill and a bullet-shaped "top".

The Thread's The Thing

To make a versatile ropewalk, start with a six-foot board. cut off two six-inch ends and nail one to each end of the five footer.

On one end, strap the electric drill to the board so the handle is braced against the end board with the drill lying flat on the base board. on the opposite end piece, set three of the hook eyes in a triangular layout about drill chuck high. The remaining eye hook goes into the drill's chuck.

The top is carved from a twig, just put a point on it, score 3 lines into its face for the strings to ride on as the threads are wound together.

Tie 3 strings on to the eye-hooks. The other ends of the strings go to the drill to be tied off there. Insert the top between the three lines so they slip into separate slots in the top.

Now you are ready, start the drill at a slow speed, you will need to help the Top along until the first 7" or so, this will keep the 3 strings from

Rope In Progress

 twisting behind the Top. Then it will work by its self.

When you have a finished length of rope, mix some Elmer's Glue and water together, then rub the rope down with the glue mix. This will help it stay together when you free it from the drill.

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