Rotowing Project Can Use
Help From Scale Modelers

Getting a new idea off the ground takes a lot more than most people realize particularly if you are disabled. Charles Glazebrook wrote us looking for some help with a rotowing aircraft he has been working on until becoming disabled.

“Hope you can help me change the way people get around. This Idea would really help with the pollution problem we’re having. A standard Helicopter just uses way too much horsepower. Like I said this runs on a 5 horsepower engine and could probably be safely brought down with one motor and maybe even flown on one. So it would be extremely safe,” said Glazebrook.

His idea is not necessarily new but Glazebrook believes it could be a replacement for the standard automobile.

He has been hampered in getting the idea further along by the fact he sustained a neck injury from a work-related accident. “I'm having trouble reaching so I'd need help finishing the full size version,” he explained.

Glazebrook is also looking for someone who could hemp him build a scaled down version. He is also trying to gather materials for a scale model.

I think this could be solar and battery powered. Even peddle powered for short flights. A rechargeable version should be possible. I am trying to find a manufacturer that can make me two lightweight propellers.

I saw something on the discovery channel that was similar to what I am doing, about four years after I conceived the idea. The Germans were working on vertical takeoff aircraft it had three blades that were rocket powered. But they couldn’t get away from the desire to make the in-flight transition to airplane.

I'm disabled with a neck injury but have been trying to complete it for seven years on my own. I'm on a fixed income until I settle this comp case. I can still move my extremities but can't take the rough rides you get from public transportation like buses and trains.

Glazebrook is also excited about the “Green” aspects of the Rotowing. “It would be great for the environment, it can run on gas, ethanol or propane and a rechargeable version could be built. It's light weight and will be very easy to operate unlike the typical helicopter,” he said.

Got an idea that will help Charlie ? He'll appreciate your e-mail.

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