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You find some fascinating stories when you surf around Google, even in theworld of Micro remote control. Some have been developed for the seriousmodeler who wants to fly in his living room...Why?

Some R/C pilots need something to do indoors when the weather is -40 degrees. (OK, it may not be that cold where you live, but you might like to know that we are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada where cold winters force us indoors tto have our R/C fun).

As the author of this article, I got turned onto Plantraco in Canada through a posting in an RC forum. "Well, I have been reading post in this forum for some time, curious and intigued by micro indoor flight, but now I have found a new personal need for indoor flight. On July 2nd I was involved in a very serious accident leaving my pelvis in 4 pieces, 5 fractured vertabrae, and in a wheelchair for a minimum of 3 months. I am expected to have a full recovery, however, I am trapped indoors quite a bit and unable to go to the flying fields to fly my regular planes." The writer added he was saving to get a Plantraco.

The next poster was from Plantraco "I'll send you a big discount coupon - hope it makes iit possible for you to get a Butterfly."

The writer replied, "Thank you so much for this coupon offer, this does help a lot. I will be contacting you very soon. I can't believe a company would do this, you truely are a remarkable person. I have always said it is not always the product, but the customer service, and if this is any indication to your customer service, there are going to be a lot of very happy people out there working with you and your products."

Plantraco has over 10 years in radio control and with a full line ranging from a MicroBlimpand flying saucers to the well known "Butterfly in a Briefcase".

We have been working on it for a long time, but we didn't want to spill the beans until we had something ready for market. We didn't come up with all this stuff overnight, it does take time and money and desire.

From Plantraco's website." Many companies see the Micro R/C market as a tiny market that is not worth chasing. We don't care how small it is, we want to do it, and we believe that we will make the market grow if neccessary! This sure did happen with our R/C airships - we sold many, and brought more smiles to the world than I ever could have dreamed.

If you check the history of model airplanes, (talk to the old guys, they are full of good info), it seems like a revival of small model aircraft has always been one of the ultimate achievements. We predict a big revival of small low cost model airplane building. Kids are dying to get involved, they just don't know where to turn to find out how to do it.

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