Ship Model Shipping Can
Make Or Break A Purchase

Can you really ship something as delicate as a wooden model tall ship completed after 100s of hours with rigging and sailsfrom California to New Hampshire and not drop a stitch, a cannon or an anchor?

Handcrafted Model Ships delivers their models fully assembled, inspected and insured with no charge for shipping guaranteed to arrive undamaged or your money back!

The description of their packing process made it a lot easier to purchase their USS Constitution, as a centerpiece fit for the office.

And with the real thing tied up at the dock just a few miles south in Boston, it wes also easy to check the detail work.

Check For The Extra Touches

  • The hull, front and back of the model ship rests in styrofoam and are secured with bungee straps. This ensures that the model cannot move during shipping.
  • The model is then surrounded by a wood frame to ensure that none of the masts or booms are damaged.
  • The wood frame has styrofoam on all of its edges to provide a cushion of safety to the wood frame when the box is moved.
  • There is a seven-point inspection to make sure that your model is perfect before it is shipped.
  • The model, safely surrounded by its wood frame, is then placed inside of a heavy, industrial-strength cardboard box.
  • The box is marked with "This Side Up" and "Fragile" stickers to ensure that it is handled properly.
  • By consistently shipping with a single carrier for years safety is assured because they know the company sells model ships and has learned to handle the packages with extreme care.

HMS is probably the largest manufacturer of quality Handcrafted Model Ships. The pictures on their website alone are worth the visit.

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