Ship Modelers Eyesight Valuable Resource

Scale ship modeling is almost dependent upon good eyesight as you are dealing with fine rigging line, tiny holes needing to be threaded in blocks and hundreds of miniature parts of seagoing paraphernalia.

It is these parts that cause many Senior Citizens consternation in dealing with miniature blocks that measure less than an eighth if an inch in diameter,

But these are the small parts that cause self-appointed scale modeling judges to comment "that sure looks out-of-scale."

For most people, there is a sincere appreciation in the authentic recreation of historical ships, and the appreciation that others have for the authenticity.

No where do any of the modelers find suggestions on how to improve the way we see these small parts or how to thread tiny holes using thread that is the same diameter as the hole.

For years, I have worn glasses to deal with my inability to do close up work. Sure, there are magnifiers and binocular-type glasses and lasik surgery, but next to nothing on how to improve eyesight. That’s what I’m looking for, I am not ready to just write off my vision ability.

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