Ten Tips For Building
A Real
Mystery Shopper Business

Once you get a couple months of mystery shopping under your belt you begin to realize you could make real money at this if only…

You had been more picky about the companies to apply with, it is not a quantity game, it is a quality game, you want to get paid a p-r-o-f-i-t-a-b-l-e fee. If not, why do it?

You need to carefully define your business circle in terms of the miles you will drive. Take into account your true cost per mile gasoline, tire wear, amortization cost of the car and the federal mileage allowance (55 cents per mile at this writing).

You need to be professional to those who will have the greatest impact on your business, the independent scheduler.

You need a list of 10-12 Independent schedulers with whom you are in regular contact and updating them on every change in your ability to improve their business, ie your changes in certification; tour readiness and changes in cities where you will work.

You need to be in constant contact. Check your email frequently. Know when your independents will be rolling out new assignments and their time-of-month. Is it early in their month (equals lowest fees) or late when they have to add bonuses to meet deadline.

You need to treat this as your business, one you gladly participate in. Make sure your reports are early, accurate and complete.

You need to be on the company’s A-list of shoppers, the ones they know are reliable, dependable and flexible. Be ready to turn around short notice assignments.

You need the right equipment. Invest in a laptop computer, digital camera cell phone with GPS, even a stopwatch to time various elements of your shop experiences.

You need accurate records. When you turn in your report, know when these job fees will be paid and track that payment right into your bank account.

You need to have a goal. You are not in this to make the schedulers happy. You need to be working towards a distinct objective. Mine is saving enough for a three-week Mediterranean cruise in two years. This will pay the way as I save $300 per month.

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